Welcome to the Kingdom of Varlyn.


The realm of Varlyn is fairly unknown to its inhabitants. Each region holds to its own desires and demands as they arise. The regions are responsible to their own, and resolve their own issues day to day. But not everyone is content to live a life of mediocrity, earning enough coin to get by and maybe enjoy an extra mug of mead from time to time. Those who choose to strike out usually are found alone and starving if not dehydrated or dead. The lucky few who survive have frequently returned with injuries ranging from life-long scars to missing limbs.

But this story doesn't follow those who lives end on the side of a road. This tale echoes the adventure of those beyond the capable, those who fell mighty beast with blades honed by ancient magic, with spells commanding the elements, of silvered tongues telling greatest ballads, and the loyalties beyond simple friendship. Here we recount the sacrifice and success of resolute pioneers who seek to carve their name not on a tombstone, but in the annals of history itself.

Exploration of Varlyn

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