Exploration of Varlyn

The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow

An Abbreviated Adventure

While Charjorix ventured into the town under the cover of rain and shadow, Folie opted to investigate "hands-on" in the situation. Quietly he slipped out of the building and to his carnival's caravan where he changed into a near replica of the clothing worn by the barmaid inside the Blind Seer. With a few magic'd words he took almost the same appearance as the young woman, and strolled into the tavern once more where he collapsed in exhaustion and was shuffled off to the back. The storm picked up outside and the demand for service rose to the point that Folie was left alone in the back to recover. 

Swiftly and quietly his hands rummaged through the back of the building, seeking valuables of both monetary gain and beneficial knowledge, only to come up empty handed. Convinced the tavern was unconnected, Folie chose to return to the tavern in costume and attempt to leave, only to come face to face with the barmaid he had chosen to impersonate! He attempted to cast a spell to change his appearance, but the stress took him by surprise, and the magic failed. The tavern was silent briefly only for Folie himself to belt into forced joy and jubilee exclaiming, "Sister! I knew they had lied to me all these years!"

While most of the tavern was confused, Folie's tears were convincing enough for the barmaid and the two fled across town to share stories of their split upbringing. 

Tyrazen seated at the bar ordered two steins of mead, and while waiting, was sat next to by a young dwarven warrior with long red hair a pleasing smile. A brief conversation ensued as the two discussed the strange storm, broken up briefly by Tyrazen bringing a stein to Charjorix, who now had returned and chose to lay on the stones by the firepit inside the tavern. The dwarven woman, Flokati, seemed taken in by the presence of the tiny dragon and continued her conversation with Tyrazen, though her eyes cut back many times to the small creature. 

Folie's exploits turned sour, though, as the magic of his disguise began to falter. The barmaid had turned her attention to seeking out family treasures to share her story, and in this time, Folie rushed for the door, claiming to need a moment alone to collect "her" thoughts. He rushed from the room, swiftly ditched the disguise after his magic faded, and returned to the tavern to take a room and sleep.


When morning came the adventurers heard little of last night's affairs, the passing of the storm seeming to be common enough now that the town accepts its presence. Each chose to have breakfast in their own way in the tavern, Charjorix lounging uninterested, Tyrazen having a light meal, Folie a heavier affair, and Flokati requesting one of each special dish the tavern prepared for the festival. The massive order spread across the table caught the tiny dragon's interest, who scampered unseen onto the table but not unheard. Flokati tossed a small chunk of meat towards the center of the table and waited, only to see the dragon's head pop up a little further back with a large wedge of cheese in its mouth. 

The visitors now full, each went about their business in town. Flokati took to the town to find comfortable clothing and an accessory or four to bind her hair, while Folie returned to the stable to speak with the carnival troupe with whom he came to the town, and Charjorix and Tyrazen scouted the town for signs of anger or sadness. Folie found a letter waiting for him instead of his, once believed to be, friends – an offer for permanent employment by a generous patron who seemed to know of Folie's unspeakable past. The offer was contingent on Folie being removed from the troupe, and so in the cover of the storm, while Folie slept in the tavern, the troupe took their belongings and ventured north from town.  Folie, obviously offended, took to the streets to drink, bumping into Flokati, the two exchanging sharp words briefly, and Folie wandering back to the town square to exclaim, vulgarly, his distaste for the troupe who had abandoned him in town. 

Charjorix and Tyrazen could see the events taking place, and rather than allowing the scene to continue and become a problem, Charjorix chose to intervene. Hiding among the feet of the crowd, she approached Folie and struck with her barbed tail in his leg, and scampered away. Folie's already drunken state coupled with the toxin was enough to cause him to pass out midsentence, to which Tyrazen gathered the now sleeping man and took him back to the inn. Charjorix took back to the rooftops and began to seek out Flokati, an assumed mercanary to ask for her assistance as well just as it came time for lunch.



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