Tiny Dragon, Large Heart, Gargantuan Goals


Female Pseudodragon dragon 2
NG tiny dragon
Init +4; Senses Blindsense (60 ft.), Darkvision (60 ft.), Low-Light, Listen +7, Spot +7,
Languages: Telepathy (Common, Sylvan)

AC 20, touch 16, flat-footed 16
hp 28 (2HD)
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +5
Immunities Paralysis, Sleep,
Spell Resistance 19

Speed 15 ft. (3 squares) Fly 60 ft. (Good)
Melee sting +2 (1d3-2)
Melee bite -3 (1d1)
Face 2.5 ft. Reach 2 ft.
Base Atk +2; Grp-8
Special Actions Poison

Abilities Str 7, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 12
Special Qualities Blindsense, Blindsense, Darkvision, Dragon Traits, Low-Light Vision, Skills, Telepathy,
Feats Flyby Attack
Skills Appraise +2, Balance +4, Bluff +1, Climb -2, Concentration +2, Craft (Untrained) +2, Diplomacy +1, Disguise +1, Escape Artist +4, Forgery +2, Gather Information +1, Heal +2, Hide +21, Intimidate +1, Jump -8, Listen +7, Move Silently +6, Perform (Untrained) +1, Ride +4, Search +7, Sense Motive +3, Spot +7, Survival +2, Survival (Find or follow tracks) +4, Swim -2, Use Rope +4,
Possessions – Handy Haversack full of gold, gems, and trinkets (7000gp worth)

- Blindsense (Ex) Range 60; The creature has blindsense, a lesser ability that lets the creature notice things it cannot see, but without the precision of blindsight. The creature with blindsense usually does not need to make Spot or Listen checks to notice and locate creatures within range of its blindsense ability, provided that it has line of effect to that creature. Any opponent the creature cannot see has total concealment (50% miss chance) against the creature with blindsense, and the blindsensing creature still has the normal miss chance when attacking foes that have concealment. Visibility still affects the movement of a creature with blindsense. A creature with blindsense is still denied its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class against attacks from creatures it cannot see.
- Darkvision (Ex) Range 60; Darkvision is the extraordinary ability to see with no light source at all, out to a range specified for the creature. Darkvision is black and white only (colors cannot be discerned). It does not allow characters to see anything that they could not see otherwise-invisible objects are still invisible, and illusions are still visible as what they seem to be. Likewise, darkvision subjects a creature to gaze attacks normally. The presence of light does not spoil darkvision.

Dragon Traits
- Dragon Traits Dragons eat/sleep/breathe. Dragons are Immune to magic sleep effects and paralysis effects.
- Immunity To Paralysis (Ex) You can never be paralyzed
- Immunity To Sleep (Ex) You are never subject to sleep effects
- Low-Light Vision (Ex) You can see 2x as far as humans in low illumination. Characters with low-light vision have eyes that are so sensitive to light that they can see twice as far as normal in dim light. Low-light vision is color vision. A spellcaster with low-light vision can read a scroll as long as even the tiniest candle flame is next to her as a source of light. Characters with low-light vision can see outdoors on a moonlit night as well as they can during the day.
- Poison (Ex) [Poison DC = 26] Injury, Fortitude DC 14, initial damage sleep for 1 minute, secondary damage sleep for 1d3 hours. The save DC is Constitution-based and includes a +2 racial bonus.
- Skills Pseudodragons have a chameleon-like ability that grants them a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks. *In forests or overgrown areas, this bonus improves to +8.
- Telepathy (Su) Pseudodragons can communicate telepathically with creatures that speak Common or Sylvan, provided they are within 60 feet.


Charjorix, born of a small clutch in the Precious Ironwood Grove of the Northern Wilds, is a young pseudodragon with scales of porcelain blue. Surprisingly small, Charjorix stands barely taller than a house cat, with a remarkably long tail, her full length nearly a meter from tip to beak.

Two summers ago, Charjorix left her clutch and ventured further north from her brood. Her first winter alone Charjorix was in unfamiliar territory after scarce rainfall. The fauna in the area was limited, and the few animals she did hunt were thin at their best. Coupled with the freezing winter she was unaccustomed, the weeks seemed endless until the grip of death seemed inevitable. Curled in the remains of a hunter’s day old campfire, Charjorix bedded down for an early night.

The daylight withdrew and night encroached, and the warmth of the ash faded. But a glimmer of hope came through the soft snow of forest in the form a young sorcerer. The remains of the old camp took shape of a new one; a fresh tent, bed roll, a warm and thick blanket, and a fresh fire. It was faint, but the spark of life kindled into faint embers once more. The night was long and the snow grew deep while the two nestled inside the comfort of a firm tent and glowing firepit.

Concerned for her health and safety, the sorcerer Tyrazen took tiny Charjorix under his care and with him. The pair ventured back to the town the following morning, and Charjorix was able to rest and recover, her scales growing thick once more, her eyes flickering with life, and her movements swift once more. As the winter turned to spring, and the first thaw took place, Tyrazen returned to the forest to seek out supplies for the town’s hedge wizard. Having seen the land the previous summer, Charjorix wished to assist to the best of her ability and scouted both above and ahead. Slowly summer returned to the forest and Tyrazen chose to leave the town behind him.

However, before leaving, Tyrazen needed to take on a new familiar after losing his last the previous year. Having completed his agreement with the town wizard, the two prepared to summon and bind a new familiar for Tyrazen before the half-elf left town. Knowing Tyrazen would be traveling further, Charjorix approached the pair and expressed interest in leaving the northern lands and traveling through more of the world for her own gain and to assist Tyrazen for saving her life.

The three agreed to the situation, and the bonding of a familiar was completed between Tyrazen and Charjorix before setting out to the warmer climates of the southern edge of the kingdom. Over the following months Charjorix took delight in traveling the country side and finding new sights and sites alike. But as the summer passed and lavish fields turned to harvested hills, the two began to consider what to make of their first full winter together.

The tales of a great festival to the south in a town known as Blueveil caught their attention, and the two set out to see the event.


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